GNA Associates

The Company

The Company GNA Associates LLC. Is committed to continued growth and development through the purchasing of properties that create maximum value and are low risk to investors and principals. GNA Associates believes in the managing and administration of commercial and residential properties to the extent that our interests should be the same as the owner. Our interests are 2 fold; to manage a property effectively and when the owner, manager: To take care of the property and add long-term value by servicing the tenants needs and keeping rents competitively high.

GNA Services


GNA was created in 1996 as a real estate management and holding company. It has been providing management services for the past 5 years. It knows the business and strongly believes that the key to success lies with strong management and knowledge of properties and their potential.

GNA Services

Building & Site Maintenance

GNA has extensive management experience working with contractors and vendors providing specific services to buildings and ground projects. GNA has upgraded properties and is capable of dealing with any repairs or construction a property might need. GNA prepares bid specifications, requests for proposals, and makes recommendations to the association from its knowledge of maintenance needs and experience with service contractors’ specifications.